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by trickywillow (trickywillow)
at December 5th, 2005 (11:15 pm)

current mood: calm

A new life, that was all I needed. Parents moved to somewhere, telling me that they didn't want to worry about me anymore so that left me to fend for myself. I am a smart girl, part of the reason I never could find the right man, but I did have a body to use, as well as magicks, so I wasn't too worried.

It was hard at first of course, just letting any man touch me, but as time passed it got easier. I haven't decided if I should worry that now I actually look forward to waking up and working each day, but I will say it is nice to hold the power over men that I do. For once I am the one in control of what they get to fee and what pleasures they have. It is nice, having that amount of control over someone.

The men never seem to complain, well not all are men, but no matter they never seem to complain so I must be doing something right. Though as I look at it who would honestly complain when you are making every wish, every fantasy come true? I still can't help but miss the way things used to be, when my parents didn't hate me and I had friends. Maybe one day I will get the best of both worlds. For now though, I will just be content in knowing I am wanted by men and continue to make their wishes come true.

[[open to anyone]]

Faith Lehane [userpic]
Something Wicked Your Way Comes ...
by Faith Lehane (slayergal_faith)
at October 31st, 2005 (05:28 pm)

current mood: horny

Doesn't matter what you did, ya know, if they need ya, it's like you never did anything, I thought, a sly smirk crossing my face. Standing there under the calm still starlight, I looked up and winked back at a star that had winked at me. It was like a silent confirmation of my, let's see how did he put it, reformation, and by debt to society? Might as well have been wiped clean, I was back on the streets, doing what I'd been doing, doing what I'd been made for, slaying.

Raising my eyebrows, I gave a skeptical, what the fuck look to the vamp who'd just risen. A newbie, of course. As it stood there giving me this diatribe about how excited he was to meet the slayer on his first night out, and how I was going to die. I finally crossed my arms looking at him. I had to keep myself from laughing out loud. "Yo," I interrupted, "can we fight now?" my head emphasized my impatience.

Yet, it kept on going. Reminded me of what B' might be like if she were turned.

"Fuck this," I said aloud, uncrossing my arms, the stake firmly in my right had, slayer senses tingling, ready for the kill. But this was like way to freaking easy.

"Shut the fuck up," swiftly moving over the small space between us, hand raised and then in a blink of an eye, hit my target.

The pathetic creature, game me this look, I couldn't even describe, it's body exploding into millions of pieces, and falling to the ground. I had to wonder about the vamp that had turned this one.

The dewey wet ground squished under my fine-new leather boots. I wasn't sure if I should could that imitation of a vampire, so my kill was low, seven in all, it was a slow night.

Couldn't help but be excited, ready for some heat between my thighs. As much as this slayer gig turned me on, I was ready for something more, I was born to slay, and born to fuck. My mother and all of the 'uncles' who'd visit taught me that.

Color me adventure gal, I sauntered out of the cemetery, hell I knew all 40+ like the back of my hand. People in Sunny D didn't live long.

Now, the dull cadence of cement met my footsteps as I made my way downtown.

I was free, and I intended to stay that way, and I was different. Different or not, after slaying, I had to feed, and then fuck.

The aroma of Chinese food assaulted my nose, my second favorite smell.

Inhaling an impressive amount of food for a girl my size, and having a few distinctly appreciative looks from the married male clientele, I grinned back, allowing my tongue to move over the landscape of my bottom lip. Pulling on the mantel of cock tease, I locked eyes with one very nerdy young boy, imprisoned in a, what appeared to be a family dinner. I made love to my meal, as I held the chopstick over my mouth and sucked on the hot pink shrimp, the boy fidgeted in his chair. Making a mental note, not to wear my tight pants next time I came, I imagined the visual I could give the boy if my hand could make it into my pants.

Tight leather does have many advantages, aside from the fact that I looked hot as hell, I could rub my legs together just right, to generate a bit of heat, looking up at him, my eyes flashed their famous, dark, fuck me luck, and he dropped his water glass trenching himself.

Giggling, I got up, pasted by his table, stopped, put a hand on his shoulder and this whispered into his ear, and left.

I knew right where I was going, and my pace quickened. My heart beat a bit faster. I wondered if they needed a girl like me, might be interesting to freelance for awhile or would I prefer to just taste the delights that might be there, or should I just seduce a patron, clever girl I was.

The night open with so many possibilities, I rounded the corner and spied 'The Magic Box.' My tongue moved over my soft pink lips in anticipation.

In a minute, I was inside. Ready to play.

by isaidquirky (isaidquirky)
at October 21st, 2005 (12:43 pm)

I stood in the street, tired, slightly bruised, hungry, smelling a little weird, and completely desperate. The scrap of paper in my hand held the same address as the building in front of me, which also displayed an ornate sign disclaiming "The Magic Box." This little piece of paper was what had enabled me to escape the tyranny of my father and brother.

I thought back to the night the traveling medicine woman had come to our tiny town. At first, we'd all been wary of a woman traveling alone. It just wasn't done. Father hadn't wanted me to go anywhere near her, but I was curious. I snuck out of the house that night and lurked in streets alongside the town square. She noticed me and came to talk, which was enough of a surprise to my self-esteem in and of itself. She seemed to understand more about me than I did about myself and urged me to leave the town. Over my protests, she handed me this address. A brothel, where the owner would take me in and give me a job.

When my father found out I'd left the house, I got the worst beating of my life. As soon as I could, I left again, this time permanently. And now here I was. I had no idea how I'd gather enough confidence to work in a brothel, but maybe I could do something besides...what's usually done there.

After a deep breath, I knocked lightly on the door. No one answered, so I pushed it open. It was daytime, so I didn't expect there to be many customers about. I closed the door carefully behind me and looked around.

"H-hello? Is anyone here?" I called, the words catching in my nervousness.

((Open to Anya, when she gets her darn application done, or someone else could tag too. Except I'm going out of town til Sunday, so I probably can't respond til then.))

Spike [userpic]
How does a vampire put on eyeliner? very carefully, that's how.
by Spike (bleedlikepoetry)
at October 17th, 2005 (07:47 pm)

Bloody waste is what it is, my Dru going out like that. Humans are idiots alone, but what they can do when they all get together is stunningly stupid. Needless to say, the morning after, the entire town of Sanochi was in flames and a lone, brassed off vampire strolled from the chaos clutching a bottle of cheap liqour bettween two of his slightly scorched digits. It was a fitting tribute. She would have loved the flames, and the screaming. An they thought we caused trouble before, the ruddy fools. 'spose they'd know better next time.

Days I thought about her there was really only one sensible thing to do, get out and get laid. A town like good ol Sunny D was a vampire's playground, all the helpless people walking around like a bloody buffet, demon bars that were always good for a fight or a not so friendly game of poker...and of course, the magic box. Two of my very favorite things under one roof, girls, and booze. In unhealthy amounts. I contributed quite a bit of money down there. Not that I couldn't get a shag for free any time I wanted, I could walk down to the nearest bar and pick up a drunk chippie of any species and have seven different ways with her. But there's something to be said for a bird with skills. Some of the most talented women in the whole of the world did what they do best in that building. And I'm more than happy to do my part keep them in business.

I pass the bronze on my way, nearly bowled over by a couple chronies on the way, but I'm in a good mood, so they move on with all thier limbs attatched. One thing's for sure, I don't much feature joining up with any of those. Demons liked gangs, they liked to be in large numbers, something like a pack. Well call me not your average demon, but I'd done that, and didn't care for it at all. A pack's gotta have a leader, and I don't like bein' led.

I get down to the filter and toss my cigarette away, doin a quick count of my cash (well not my cash, some poor sap's) before rapping on the door with my knuckles. The hired help lets me in and recognizes me right off the bat, well of course she does, this is the place where everybody knows your name. Always thought it would be a bit cozier to have one of the girls show ya in, but I suppose that leaves a lady less time for 'business.' I don't look like the type to be carryin a wad of cash in his back pocket, leather jacket and tight wifebeater (great name for a shirt) an even tighter jeans. I'd painted my nails black an it was chipping, the black eyeliner round the rims of my eyes slightly smudged. She knew better though...

Dawn Summers [userpic]
How it used to be.
by Dawn Summers (lockless_key)
at October 13th, 2005 (06:05 pm)

"Dawnie, I have to."

Dawn slumped in her restraints as Buffy slowly turned around. Almost in slow-motion, she watched her sister take a breath, then begin to run. At the very edge of the platform, she rose on her toes and did a gtraceful swan dive off of the tower. Dawn screamed. Everyone fighting froze momentarily to follow the arc of the Slayer's body falling through the air.

Everything went black.

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